Unpopular Opinion

Staffing/Agency Recruiters do not low-ball candidates on pay.

There is a stigma that if you work with an agency recruiter they are ‘taking a part of your pay.’ This is not true ❗❗ I repeat, this is not true❗❗

Agency/Staffing Recruiters are hired by our clients (companies). Our priority is to fill their open positions based on the requested qualifications and budget. For our service, our clients pay a specific fee. That’s how it works 😊

Things many candidates do not know:
✨ If we do not fill the requirement we do not collect a fee; therefore it is always our intention to connect with the BEST talent
✨ There is a lot of ‘free work’ agency/staffing recruiters do on the front end to meet clients’ requirements.
✨ Services are FREE to candidates. Yes, even the resume reviews and interview tips.
✨ In many cases the higher we pay candidates the higher our client fee is. So no, we are not trying to take your money.

The reality is that over the last two years, there has been an influx in pay. The ‘big tech companies’ were throwing out any figure to attract top talent. This practice also led to many of the layoffs we are seeing today.

Companies and recruiters are not ‘low-balling’ you. Every company has a budget based on their size, revenue and value of the role. What we are seeing today is a closer reality to ‘normal’ than what we’ve had over the last two years.

My advice to candidates seeking a salary they are not getting:
✨ Research, what is the pay for your role? In your industry? In your geographical location? At your level?
✨Be realistic, what do you want vs what do you need in terms of pay
✨Negotiate other aspects outside of salary: Benefits package, commuter reimbursement, PTO, cell allowance, sick days, bonus, etc.

Recruiters want to help but we are also responsible for our day job. Be kind.

That’s the tea for today ☕🐸